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The Ninth Gate: occult and tarot-like symbolism in the engravings by Aristide Torchia and Lucifer, plus wider meanings of the movie

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Excellent synopsis of story, explanation of symbolism and inclusion of comparative images (LCF vs AT) with elucidated discrepancies . I appreciate the time and thought that went into this post, the explanation of the Tarot’s relevance to the film’s symbolism/imagery, as well as the timeless validity of each of the Gate’s lessons in order to seek enlightenment. These adages bring to mind Zen koans.

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The Ninth Gate: occult and tarot-like symbolism in the engravings by Aristide Torchia and Lucifer

The Ninth Gate is probably one of my favourite movies of all time, as is the official soundtrack.   A film by Roman Polanski, it stars Johnny Depp as the ambivalent  protagonist, Lucas Corso; and features an incredible performance by Frank Langella as the brazen, smug and sinister collector of all things diabolical – Boris Balkan – a wealthy man where money and morals are no obstacle to acquiring books that deal with the Devil.

The film is an adaptation of The Dumas Club, a book written by Arturo Pérez-Reverte.

I’m a huge fan of H.P.Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos cycle of stories which provide unnerving glimpses of a pantheon of Outer Gods and their minions, writhing obscenely within alien vortices of inarticulate sounds and invisible light, sometimes only just beyond the perceptions of ordinary folk. …

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